A Personal Note from Jan


In August, 2008, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  In the next 7 months, I underwent a complete hysterectomy including removal of my abdominal lymph nodes.  Following the surgery, I had 2 cycles of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation therapy that included both Intensity Modulated Radiation therapy and High Dose Radiation therapy.  Two cycles of chemotherapy then followed the radiation.  Because we live 70 miles (a torturous 2.5 hour drive) from any medical facilities, we rented an apartment in the city where my medical team is located.  To communicate with my support network of our over 40 dear friends and relatives, the kitties of the Three Kitty Kompany undertook the roles of war correspondents and spies to report from the medical battle front.  We sent reports by Email periodically as time, energy and the occasion arose.  Since then, many people have urged me to publish our writings.  After much thought I have decided to share our experiences as viewed by Princess Yoda and Commander Blackie of the Three Kitty (War) Korrespondents.  Below is an index with links to that Email correspondence.

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Part 1 Part 1, Sept. 1, 2008  (Our battles with the US medical system have begun.  This is the first news release from the Three Kitty (War) Korrespondents.)
Part 2 Part 2, Sept. 2, 2008  (The surgery date is set and plans are being made.)
Part 3 Part 3, Sept. 8, 2008  (This the first report after Jan's release from the hospital.  This was written from a hotel room near the hospital.)
 Part 4 Part 4, Sept. 12, 2008  (Jan is home and beginning her recuperation after surgery.  This is the first report written by the kitties.)
 Part 5 Part 5, Sept. 18, 2008  (The kitties start reporting on what they have learned during debriefing sessions with Jan.)
 Part 6 Part 6, Oct. 4, 2008  (Jan's pathology report is back.  A game plan is made, changed and made again.)
 Part 7 Part 7, Oct. 14, 2008  (The kitties reveal their Top Secret plan and timetable for the attack on al Qancer.  The commanders of the allied forces are introduced.)
 Part 8 Part 8, Oct. 18, 2008  (The troops are ready, the equipment is packed and we await D-Day.) 
 Part 9 Part 9, Oct. 31, 2008  (The kitties report on information discovered during their debriefing of Jan after her first cycle of chemotherapy.) 
 Part 10 Part 10, Nov. 08, 2008  (All is in readiness for Jan's second chemotherapy cycle.) 
 Part 11 Part 11, Dec. 04, 2008  (An entry from Princess Yoda's personal log describing preparations for Jan's move to the apartment in Santa Rosa.) 
 Part 12 Part 12, Dec 13, 2008  (Jan and Blackie are relocating to the operations center close to where the battle will be waged.) 
 Part 13 Part 13, Dec. 23, 2008  (Blackie's Christmas message and update to the support troops.) 
 Part 14 Part 14, Jan. 16, 2009  (Commander Blackie EMails Princess Yoda to report on conditions and to ensure that all is ready for Jan and her return home.) 
 Part 15 Part 15, Jan. 28, 2009  (Blackie and Jan return to Point Arena.  Blackie tells of the trip and the reunion at home.) 
 Part 16 Part 16, Feb. 19, 2009  (Plans are once again being made to return to battle as Jan prepares to start the next chemotherapy cycle and the kitties prepare to go to the Rest and Recreation Center.) 
 Part 17 Part 17, Mar. 3, 2009  (The troops return home.  Blackie reports on technical investigations she did while living at the Forward Observation Tower in Santa Rosa.) 
 Part 18 Part 18 Mar. 14, 2009  (Preparations are made and the kitties await Jan's fourth and last chemotherapy cycle.) 
 Part 19 Part 19, Mar. 27, 2009  (Yoda reports on conditions at the Rest and Recreation Center and on Jan's return from her last chemotherapy cycle.) 
 Part 20 Part 20, Apr. 15, 2009  (Cessation of all combat is announced and victory is declared.  Blackie gives her final report on her investigative efforts in Santa Rosa.  Also, a report is given on Jan.) 
 Part 21 Part 21, Jun. 18, 2009  (Report on festivities surrounding coronation of Empress Yoda and promotion of Lieutenant General Blackie.  Further report on Jan's recovery and life at Three Kitty Headquarters.) 

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