Part 5, Sept. 18, 2008


The 3 Kitty Central Debriefing and Psychological Operations Unit of the Feline Intelligence Authority, led by Commander Blackie and staffed by Princess Yoda is pleased to report much progress in the repatriation and rehabilitation of THE LAP (also known as Jan).  Commander Blackie witnessed a milestone this morning as THE LAP actually put on her own socks without assistance.  The next milestone will come when THE LAP can either fill the kitty food bowl or dry between her own toes.

Princess Yoda, yesterday, finally dragged THE LAP outside and down to the back fence for a patrol into frontier territory.  They were accompanied by THE SEDAN CHAIR (also known as Jack).  Princess Yoda eagerly awaits the occasion when THE LAP will be able to pick her up and retake an alternate identity as a Sedan Chair.

Several hours ago, a Debriefing Effectiveness Test (DET) was performed to ascertain THE LAP's level of return to normalcy.   A mercenary unit, Commando Clarence (a fearless but somewhat inept kitty from a neighboring territory), was dispatched to perform a penetration of the 3Kitty Headquarters perimeter, through a "kitty door" which was "accidentally" left unsecured.   THE LAP responded to the alarm as Princess Yoda and the infiltrator battled in the 3Kitty Kitchen. It can now be confirmed that THE LAP is once again able to move quickly and repel the faux invader.

THE LAP had her first post-op check-in with her gyn.  Because of the distance from Santa Rosa to the Three Kitty Headquarters, this was done by telephone. Healing is progressing well with no signs of complications.  There is still no final word yet from the pathologist.  The pathologist who is doing the "second opinion" (standard practice) is at UCSF and unavailable this week.

Although weaving is not yet occurring (sitting close to the floor - or anything else for that matter - still isn't an option), THE LAP has started learning the Japanese braiding technique of KumiHimo where threads are manipulated around and across a disk while sitting in front of the television.  Because the threads are contained on bobbins, Commander Blackie and Princess Yoda only have a passing interest in being involved in the process.  THE LAP thinks this might be an interesting way to keep her fingers nimble during future travel adventures.

Much review of historical documents and images available through electronic devices (TV) has also been occurring, as THE LAP attempts to catch up on decades of not-enough-television-time.  The 3Kitty Board of Directors considers this a Good Thing, as it makes THE LAP much more available for use than ever before.   Research continues on ways to prevent the occasional disruptions when THE LAP mutters about needing to visit the litter box again.

Until next time, your Three Kitty (War) Korrespondents, Blackie, Yoda, Company Clerk Jack, and

J -

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