Part 20, Apr. 15, 2009



THE THREE KITTY ROYAL FAMILY ANNOUNCES CESSATION OF ALL ACTIVITIES AT  el-FOT, IN THE FORWARD OBSERVATION TOWER (the apartment in Santa Rosa).  After a long war against the evil forces of 
al Qancer, the enemy has been beaten and no further attacks are needed.  The troops are all home!  The apartment keys have been turned in and all the Three Kitty Royal Family members (Jan, Jack, Princess Yoda and Commander Blackie) are now permanently posted at Three Kitty Headquarters in Point Arena.  Periodic inspection expeditions are scheduled to Santa Rosa to verify that al Qancer is totally vanquished. Follow-up visits with the commanders of the allied medical forces (Dr. C., Dr. F. and Dr. D.) are being set up so that a visit to each of them will occur every 3 months and they will share information.

Princess Yoda reports that Jan is spending less and less time as THE LAP and more time weaving,  gardening and in other activities as her strength returns. Full recovery is expected within the year to complete the postwar aid and reconstruction to repair all the damage sustained in the battlefield.  Jan has even started cooking again.  Since there is limited further need for the Princess and the Commander to conduct long debriefing sessions with THE LAP, they are both spending increasing amounts of time asleep while processing the intelligence information they learned over the past months.  Reconnaissance walks are also a popular demand (when the wind isn't blowing).  Of course, the Princess and the Commander demand separate walks in separate parts of the garden.

Commander Blackie has issued her final report on the new technology for harnessing the "static leg-tricity" effect that she discovered during her stay at el-FOT. She has concluded that this technology is NOT (repeat, not) suitable for use as it is not a "green" technology but rather, employing dogs on tread mills creates a "dog poop brown" technology that is unacceptable (even if someone IS willing to serve as the Royal Pooper-Scooper).  She will continue her research into alternative energy sources.

As Three Kitty Kombatants wind down their activities and life returns to the insanity that passes for normalcy around here, news releases will be forthcoming at longer, more irregular intervals.  We encourage all our support troops to make inquiries whenever they desire.  Of course, announcements will be sent of any new activities or of any secret information that is discovered (as well as the occasional "no news press release").  We would like to thank all of our support troops for their prayers, their support, their Email and cards, their humor and their love.  It has provided more support than you will ever know.

Until next time, your Three Kitty Kombatants, Commander Blackie, Princess Yoda, Jack, and

J -

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