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Jack and Jan here. Jack and Jan  If you arrived here by way of our Home Page, you know that the Three Kitty Kompany is a mythical holding company with subsidiaries: Three Kitty Kreations,  Three Kitty Kuisine, Three Kitty Rail, Three Kitty Photo, Three Kitty Komputing, Three Kitty Konstruction and Jan's Travel-Rama. All are imaginary companies assigned to our various retirement activities. If you want more information about the Three Kitty Kompany, please click here. Kompany Information  If you want to go to the Kompany Home Page, please click here. Three Kitty Ko Home Page

 We don't always share all our adventures with the feline members of the Three Kitty Kompany Board of Directors. Yoda would get ideas for new mischief and Blackie would have "been there, done that". So, you are stuck with us as narrators for Jan's Travel-Rama.

Jack likes to say that when we get off an airplane and 398 people go to the right, we go to the left.  This page is a compilation of our photos, our "adventures" and the "funny things" that have happened to us on our vacations. We will offer both stories and photos. Please click your choice of adventure below.

Vacation Adventure Kenya Adventure, 1984
Vacation Adventure Tanzania and Kenya Adventure, 1998
Vacation Adventure Tanzania Adventure, 1999
Vacation Adventure Tanzania Adventure, 2001
Vacation Adventure Fiji Photos, 1999
Vacation Adventure Fiji Photos, 2000
Vacation Adventure Baja adventure, 2008
Vacation AdventureCalifornia Photos
Vacation AdventureHawaii Photos and Adventure
Vacation AdventureEuropean Photos
Vacation AdventurePhotos and Adventures from Caribbean Islands
Vacation AdventurePhotos from Other Destinations

We will add to this page as our adventures continue. Please check back periodically.

If you want to comment on our Website, please feel free to contact Wookie at 3kitty.org.

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