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Hi there. We're Frosty and Wookie. Frosty and Wookie     (For more about Frosty and Wookie, please click on their photo.)   We're emeritus members of the Three Kitty Kompany who are currently up in the Heavyside Layer awaiting the Jellicle Ball.  Between the two of us, we have lived in all three of the Three Kitty Korporate Headquarters.  We have overseen the construction and renovation projects from inception to completion.  As kitties, we are uniquely qualified to guide you through descriptions of the various headquarters facilities and to tell their stories.  The headquarters are listed, by location, below.

Ribbon BirdsUpton, Massachusetts  (Our first headquarters and Jack & Jan's first construction project)
Ribbon Birds La Honda, California  (an old Victorian-style home set in the redwoods - renovations galore)
 Ribbon Birds  Point Arena, California  ("Journey's End Ranch" - an epic construction saga)

If you arrived here by way of our Home Page, you know that the Three Kitty Kompany is a mythical holding company with subsidiaries: Three Kitty Kreations, Three Kitty Rail, Three Kitty Photo, Three Kitty Kommunity, Three Kitty Kuisine,  Three Kitty Konstruction and Jan's Travel-Rama. All are imaginary companies assigned to Mom and Dad's various retirement activities. You also know that my parents are Jan (a retired chemist) and Jack (a retired computer scientist). If you want more information about the Three Kitty Kompany, please click here. Kompany Information  If you want to go to the Kompany Home Page, please click here. Jump to Home Page

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