Part 9, Oct. 31, 2008

      *****    T O P   S E C R E T    *****    T O P   S E C R E T    *****    T O P   S E C R E T    *****


The first wave of THE SURGE has been successfully completed.  The front line troops, Jack and Jan, have been successfully extricated from the battlefield (location: latitude 38.4423, longitude: -122.702) and are once again enjoying the comfort of the Three Kitty Headquarters in Point Arena for rest and recuperation to prepare for the next battle.

During THE SURGE, Jan and Jack were at el-FOT (location: latitude 38.4563, longitude: -122.673) , in the Forward Observation Tower apartment in Santa Rosa.

Extensive troop and supply movements were carried out over the weekend prior to the initiation of the khemical attack in order to properly prepare the el-FOT facility for use over the expected 4-month duration of THE SURGE.  Jack and Jan scoured the countryside to obtain needed supplies and equipment from indigenous population and to identify critical supply points for use during the battle and subsequent recovery operations.

Several key local resources were quickly identified, including a Chemical Depot (Walgreens) and several Sustenance Stations (Chinese, Indian, Thai, Italian and American restaurants and a muffin bakery), all within walking distance of el-FOT.  We expect these will prove very useful during daily Morning and Afternoon Patrols to assure the troops are adequately treated.  Resupply Warehouses were also located, all within a few klicks and easily accessible using a Motor Pool Konveyance (The "Starship Enterprise", Volvo station wagon).  Contrary to the experience at Three Kitty HQ, many of the Resupply Warehouses (Safeway, Target, Trader Joes, etc.) are staffed and available 24 hours a day, which may be important during THE SURGE!

Princess Yoda was happy at the Worrying Post (WP) - R&R Center (Bed and Bone) in Point Arena, where she spent the week playing cards or in deep concentration planning for a possible escape or the next wave of THE SURGE.

Commander Blackie, however, in her enthusiasm for battle and her need to be "close to the action", actually had an anxiety attack while at the WP.  She was quickly relocated by the WP team to the Feline Troop Rehabilitation Center (vet) in Gualala and got to spend a few days with Uncle Steve (DVM) and Auntie Jennie in treatment for battle fatigue.  Blackie is home now and medicated.  (Just what this army needs, a neurotic Commander!!)

Both Commander Blackie and Princess Yoda report that THE LAP has been thoroughly debriefed by almost continuous interrogation in a tag-team procedure since THE LAP returned.  In fact, several intense interrogation sessions have proven necessary, when both the Commander and the Princess simultaneously occupied THE LAP, and entered intense states of meditation by feigning sleep while telepathically probing for new intelligence information.  Such simultaneous, coordinated activities of the Commander and the Princess are hitherto unknown in the Three Kitty Korps as an Earth-size planet is too small for simultaneous existence of both troops.

Jan was amazed at the effectiveness of the allied anti-nausea drugs.  A weapon called Aloxi was used by the khemical korps just before they deployed the main khemical attack weaponry.  It seemed to have "kept on working" for several days as advertised.  By then, the expected collateral damage was over and her upper gastrointestinal tract wasn't too bad.

Recuperation continues, as well as planning and preparation activities for the next wave of THE SURGE, which is anticipated in a week or so as the Kombatants once again are deployed to el-FOT.  Readers are advised to avoid the coordinates given above, as khemical and knuclear weapons are likely to be deployed throughout THE SURGE.  You have been warned.

It has come to the attention of the Command Staff that not everyone is actually understanding the battle plan as it exists to date.  So, here is the rest of the battle plan in PLAIN ENGLISH:

Tuesday, November 11 - Jan has second cycle of chemotherapy.

Approx. Tuesday, December 2 - Jan starts radiation - 5 days a week.  She will live in Santa Rosa with Blackie.  Jack and Yoda will be in Point Arena.

(Get it ??  Jan and Blackie get to spend 5 weeks together in Santa Rosa while Jack will have conjugal visits.  The very thought of Yoda traveling gives both Jan & Jack an anxiety attack.)

Approx. Tuesday, February 24 - Jan has third cycle of chemotherapy.

Approx. Tuesday, March 17 - Jan has last cycle of chemotherapy.

Until next time, your Three Kitty Kombatants, Commander Blackie, Princess Yoda, Company Clerk, Chauffeur, Gardener, Computer Technician, Supply Sergeant, Materials Handling Specialist, Chief Cook and Bottlewasher Jack, and

J -

                *****    T O P   S E C R E T    *****    T O P   S E C R E T    *****    T O P   S E C R E T    *****

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