Part 15, Jan. 28, 2009



Last Saturday morning, while I was napping on the bed, I suddenly found myself in my Vehicle Transport Capsule (the cat car carrier) where I was strapped into the co-pilot's seat of the Starship Enterprise (Jan's Volvo).  Jan was in the pilot's seat.  We traveled for a grueling 2+ hours over mountainous, winding interstellar terrain, stopping periodically to clean the Capsule (Blackie gets car sick.).  I even thought I saw the telepathy interception station of the Jenner Grade cattle.  Finally we stopped and I was released into a large open space that looked and smelled vaguely familiar (the kitchen).  I since have found a sunny second floor where I seem to remember previously spending my days.  (So long ago,) I think I am back in the Three Kitty Headquarters in Point Arena.  Princess Yoda and Jack are both here.   Jan arrived with me.

Princess Yoda immediately found and has been making good use of THE LAP where intensive telepathic interrogations occur each evening and some afternoons.  She is glad to have Jan home.  We don't think she has yet realized that Commander Blackie returned as well.

Jan and Jack went off yesterday for Jan's last visit with R2D2.  In the tradition of radiology patients, after her treatment, she rang the brass bell in the waiting room to signify that she had successfully completed her treatments and to say farewell to the staff.  She even got a diploma.  Now Jan has almost 4 weeks off until the final phase of the WMD attack on 
al Qancer begins with the Khemical Korps starting once again on Feb. 24.  Jan and Jack both have signaled that the end is in sight.

In honor of our return, Jack cleaned and straightened up the house.  Princess Yoda assisted.

If anyone knows what planet the Three Kitty Headquarters is on, please let Commander Blackie know.  She can be contacted on the Three Kitty Telepathy line at 1-800-WE THINK.

Until next time, from the Three Kitty Headquarters in Point Arena, your Three Kitty Kombatants, Commander Blackie, Princess Yoda, Jack and

J -

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