Part 13, Dec. 23, 2008


I am writing to Jack, Princess Yoda, Lady Robin, Princess Tiara, Col. Jim, Nurse Donna Fuzzy-Wuzzy and the rest of the support troops to bring you greetings and news in these few days before Christmas.

Things are quiet, here, in Santa Rosa.  Jan and I have settled in.  Because Jack is back in Point Arena with Princess Yoda, I am allowed to have my toys scattered all over the floor.  Jan leaves the door to the deck open just a "kitty width" and I can go out and smell the outside.  Jan even takes me out on the front landing when the weather is good.  Without Princess Yoda, however, I have to do all the debriefing sessions by myself.  I've found that THE LAP is quite comfortable although television is boring.  I tend to fall asleep.

Jan is enjoying having a Safeway nearby so she can decide what to make for dinner on her way home from her daily (Monday-Friday) meetings with our Knuclear Krew and their Giant Electric Toaster.  It takes the Knuclear Krew about 15 minutes a day to toast Jan to a golden brown inside.  We are both glad that she isn't getting a suntan on the outside.  Jan did make a note one evening during debriefing that there aren't too many places left on her body "where the sun don't shine".  As of this afternoon, Jan will be 28% through her toasting.  (She prefers to think of it that way.  She actually has completed 7 radiation sessions and has 18 to go.)  Her final toasting session is currently scheduled for January 26.  She hopes to be back in Point Arena by February 1.

Jan is looking forward to Jack's return to Santa Rosa this afternoon (after he delivers Princess Yoda to the R&R Center at Bed and Bone).  Jack will be here for a week.  It looks like I'll have to take cover in my bunker under the bed.  Jack will be bringing the Christmas tree and all those fun ornaments that I like to play with so I guess it is a fair trade.

The Knuclear Krew did announce that there would be a 4 day Christmas truce.  After Wednesday, the Giant Electric Toaster (the GET) will be powered down and disarmed until the following Monday so Jan, Jack and I get 4 days of R&R together.  (Oh, joy.)

Until next time, from our remote location, your Three Kitty Kombatants, Jan and Blackie would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a very Happy New Year.

Much love,

Blackie (and Jan)

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