Part 7, Oct. 14, 2008

    *****    T O P   S E C R E T    *****    T O P   S E C R E T    *****    T O P   S E C R E T    *****


The battle plan is almost set for the second wave of attack on al Qancer.  Commander Blackie, Princess Yoda, Jan and Jack eagerly await the "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" announcement from the gynecologist (i.e. medical release back to duty) so the second wave, THE SURGE, can begin.  This announcement might be posted on the bridge of our aircraft carrier (the "Starship Enterprise" - Jan's Volvo station wagon) as early as Thursday of this week.

THE SURGE will involve use of all the Weapons of Medical Design (WMD's) including both khemical (chemotherapy) and knuclear (radiation).  The tentative plan is for 2 cycles of chemotherapy, 3 weeks apart.  (Say good-bye to Jan's hair - a casualty of war.)  During the actual cycles, Princess Yoda and Commander Blackie will be at the On-Leave Rest and Recreation Center (the kennel) and Jack and Jan will be staying at the Forward Observation Tower (an apartment in Santa Rosa).

After the 2 cycles of khemical attack, there will be several weeks of R. & R. for all at the Three Kitty Headquarters and then Jan and Blackie will take up residence in the Forward Observation Tower (while Jack and Yoda remain at Headquarters) during 6 weeks of knuclear attack (radiation treatments 5 days a week) on the Homegrown Terrorist (Cancer) Cells.  While there, reports will be filed, regularly through the Feline Intelligence Agency (FIA).  While at the Forward Observation Tower, Jan will enjoy the presence of a new lap-top computer and all Jan's weaving and spinning equipment and supplies.  (There is a spare room in the apartment just for Jan's toys.)  Commander Blackie will enjoy not having Jack around and not having to share Jan with Princess Yoda.

After the 6 weeks, another 2 cycles with the khemical weapons are planned (that will, hopefully, be as above).

Jan & Jack have met the commanders of the allied forces.  Dr. C. will command the Khemical Korps and Dr. D. will command the Knuclear Krew.  We are very happy with both.  (They are actually both part of the same medical group.)  Jack commented that Jan and Dr. C. were finishing each others' sentences.  (The both speak chemical techno-geek.)  Standing in the rear will always be Dr. F. (the gynecologist who performed the surgical "shock and awe") and Lois who provides local support close to the Headquarters (She's Jan's primary care commander.)

As anyone who has seen combat with al Qancer knows, the battle plan is fluid and subject to change, sometimes quickly, as the battle progresses.  When a date for THE SURGE is set, further details will be reported.

Until next time, your Three Kitty Kombatants, Commander Blackie, Princess Yoda, Company Clerk, Chauffeur, Cook and Bottlewasher Jack, and

J -

                *****    T O P   S E C R E T    *****    T O P   S E C R E T    *****    T O P   S E C R E T    *****

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