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The Three Kitty Kompany is a mythical holding company with subsidiaries: Three Kitty Kreations, Three Kitty Kuisine, Three Kitty Rail, Three Kitty Photo, Three Kitty Komputing, Three Kitty Konstruction and Jan's Travel-Rama.  All are imaginary companies assigned to our various retirement activities.  Our kitties, however are real as were those pet cats who are no longer with us.  This page is for those cats, Dusty, Quisty, Frosty, Misty and Wookie.

Our kitties have always been encouraged to be active and to interact both with their environment and with humans.  This has contributed to mischief on their part and a lot of humor on our part.  The stories of our kitties (mis)adventures can be found at Three Kitty Kapers by clicking here.  Three Kitty Kapers


It has been said that all cats have 3 names: the name that is given to the cat upon adoption, the name that the family uses daily and a third name that only the cat knows.  Dusty was the name given to our first cat when we adopted her.  Eventually she became known as "The Fuzzer". Below are her pictures.

Dusty in 1976      Dusty in 1976      Dusty in 1977     Dusty      Dusty


The Kzinti was big and strong, brave and furry.  He was litter-mate to Dusty.

Quisty in 1977      Quisty in 1983      Quisty in 1983      Quisty and Frosty      Quisty and Dusty      Quisty


Frosty was the self-appointed President, Chairman of the Board and Head Goddess of the Three Kitty Kompany for many years.  All her life, she hated getting wet, being cold, or getting dirty. She thought that unpaved garden areas were totally uncivilized and therefore unworthy of her delicate pink toes.  Frosty was a rare and beautiful flower in our lives.

The Board of Directors was saddened by the passing of Frosty, the self-appointed President, Chairman of the Board and Head Goddess of the Three Kitty Kompany, who died quietly in her sleep on July 4, 2000 at the age of 20 years and 10 months.  Her calm and predictable manner and her quiet presence are sorely missed.

Frosty in 1983      Frosty in 1990      Frosty in 1999      Frosty in 1999      Frosty in 1984      Frosty in 1999


Misty wasn't with us long enough to get a family name.  She was litter-mate to Frosty.

Misty in 1979      Misty and Frosty in 1979      Misty and Frosty in 1980


Wookie, Yoda's litter-mate, was a living breathing teddy bear.  It has been said that Wookie was descended from Siamese cats.  He had very long legs, a large body, big ears and a long tail. His eyes were blue in bright light and yellow in darker rooms. His fur was thin. When he and Yoda played, he would wrestle her to the ground and sit on her head. She cried and human intervention would occur.

Wookie was a cuddler and a lover. He was cowardly and nervous. He loved playing with catnip toys and sleeping together with Frosty.

Wookie died quite suddenly on February 27, 2006 of metastatic brain cancer.  His passing has left a large hole in all of our hearts.  The Three Kitty Kompany keeps one empty seat on the Board of Directors in his honor.

Wookie in 1996      Wookie in 1998      Wookie in 1994      Wookie in 1994

  If you want to comment on our Website, please feel free to contact Wookie at

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