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Blackie is back !! Blackie  Blah, blah, blah.  So, you've seen the standard "boilerplate" before and you know that we kitties and Mom and Dad are the only things around here that are real.  The Three Kitty Kompany has non-existent subsidiaries: Three Kitty Kreations, Three Kitty Kuisine, Three Kitty Rail, Three Kitty Photo, Three Kitty Komputing, Three Kitty Konstruction and Jan's Travel-Rama that are imaginary companies assigned to what Mom and Dad do.  Big deal.  As always, if you want more information about the Three Kitty Kompany, please click here. Kompany Information  If you want to go to the Kompany Home Page, please click here. Three Kitty Ko Home Page

 Mom and Dad are away from home a lot.  Mom says she is a "professional volunteer"  Three Kitty Kommunity is dedicated to Dad's photos of Mom and Dad's volunteer activities.

Gualala Arts Center Gualala Arts Center Gallery
(Photos taken during the Festival of Trees fund raiser.)
Gualala Arts Theater Gualala Arts Theater Gallery  (Photos taken during a production of  "Scrambled Shakespeare". June, 2005)
The Marine Mammal CenterThe Marine Mammal Center Photo Gallery (Photos taken at Ten Mile Beach and other locations as part of The Marine Mammal Center volunteer rescue program.)
Fire Safety House Fire Safety House Photo Gallery  (Photos of when the "Survive Alive" house visited La Honda Elementary School. May, 2000)
Mass Casualty Drill Mass Casualty Drill Photo Gallery  (Photos of La Honda Fire Brigade's response to a simulated auto accident involving a large number of casualties. March, 2000)
Wildland Fire Wild land Fire Photo Gallery  (Photos of La Honda Fire Brigade and the California Department of Forestry responding to a wild land fire and a wild land fire drill.)
La Honda Fire BrigadeLa Honda Fire Brigade Photo Gallery  (Photos of other activities of the La Honda Fire Brigade)
Snowy PloverSnowy Plover Photo Gallery
(Photos taken on Francis Beach at Half Moon Bay State Beach as part of the Plover Watch volunteer program.)
Aņo NuevoAņo Nuevo Photo Gallery  (Photos taken at Aņo Nuevo State Reserve)
Red Cross Air Crash DrillRed Cross Air Crash Drill Photo Gallery  (Photos of the American Red Cross of the Bay Area operation at an air crash drill held by San Francisco International Airport in cooperation with various governmental agencies. October, 2000)

We will add to this page as photos become available. Please check back periodically.

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