Part 19, Mar. 27, 2009


YO, all support troops, troopers, troopees, troopettes, kanine korps and kitty kommandos.  Please don't bow.  MY MESSAGE IS, LIKE YA' KNOW, WAY TOO IMPORTANT AND I WANT YOUR ATTENTION, NOW!!

Jan and Jack, Commander Blackie and I are all home in Point Arena.  Commander Blackie and I were finally rescued on Monday, in a daring commando raid that was undertaken by Jack (and the Millennium Pigeon) with bravery "above and beyond".  The raid was undertaken in response to photographic evidence obtained from the new 3kitty spy satellite (code-named "Google Earth").  Satellite photos (combined with additional intelligence reports) alleged that the "On-Leave Rest and Recreation Center" was actually a branch of the notorious "Ob-You-Knave Prison".  At the "Center"/prison felines and kanines are allegedly imprisoned and denied all access to THE LAP and THE SEDAN CHAIR.

Master Chief Charlie (of the kanine korps) was rumored to be at the "Center"/prison during our stay.  Rumors also circulated that he actually witnessed prisoners being immersed in tubs of water, doused with vile smelling, foaming khemicals, and subjected to the dreaded fur-ruffling wind torture where large combs are actually dragged through their fur.  Fortunately, all of the prisoners subjected to these procedures were kanines.  As mortal enemies of the 3kitty royal family, kanines are beneath notice.  Let them rot!

Oh, yeah.  I almost forgot.  Commander Blackie and I have spent the past few days on THE LAP debriefing Fearless Leader Mommy Jan.  She is a little weak and has good and bad days but she is ok and getting stronger every day.  Some time in the next couple of weeks, Jan and Jack will pilot the Starship Enterprise back to el-FOT, in the Forward Observation Tower (their apartment in Santa Rosa) to clean it out.  Their lease expires on April 15.  At that time, Commander Blackie will have to make the final report on her potential new energy source.  Stay tuned.

Until next time, your Three Kitty (War) Korrespondents, Blackie, Yoda, Jack and

J -

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