Part 16, Feb. 19, 2009


The rest and healing period at the Three Kitty Headquarters is almost over.  Through daily debriefing sessions, Princess Yoda and Commander Blackie have gleaned all the intelligence information that can be recovered from THE LAP and Jan will be released shortly for duty.  (Jan is already participating in her Tai Chi classes, and her Fiber Arts and Ham Radio meetings.)

The Three Kitty Kommando teams are being called into action once again next week for the final clean-up action on 
al Qancer.  This Sunday, February 22, Princess Yoda and Commander Blackie will retake their under-cover positions at the On-Leave Rest and Recreation Center (the kennel - Bed & Bone) where Yoda will practice her poker skills and Blackie will hide in her luxury cave.  Jan and Jack will move to el-FOT, in the Forward Observation Tower (the apartment in Santa Rosa).   The following Tuesday, Jan will join Dr. C. and the personnel of the Khemical Korps for the first of 2 final sorties of khemical attack.

After about a week at el-FOT, Jan and Jack plan to return to the Three Kitty Headquarters in Point Arena where they will should be joined by Princess Yoda and Commander Blackie.  While at Headquarters, the feline forces will no doubt engage in intensive debriefing sessions while on THE LAP before everyone re-runs the entire scenario during the week of St. Patrick's Day.

Overall, the Kampaign is going well.  These last two khemical battles are expected to complete the war against the 
al Qancer terrorists, with total defeat of the enemy!

Until next time, your Three Kitty Kombatants, Commander Blackie, Princess Yoda, Jack, and

J -

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