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Gualala Arts Festival of Trees Photo Gallery

When the year-end holidays arrive, the Gualala Arts Center hosts a Festival of Trees fund raiser.  There are Christmas trees and gingerbread houses throughout the Center.  Below are some of our favorite photos from the 2004 Festival.  The Festival included a concert by our community bell choir.

wd2004-12-04-113022t.jpg wd2004-12-04-113105t.jpg wd2004-12-04-113221t.jpg wd2004-12-04-113311t.jpg
wd2004-12-04-113347t.jpg wd2004-12-04-113413t.jpg wd2004-12-04-113429t.jpg wd2004-12-04-113457t.jpg
wd2004-12-04-113705t.jpg wd2004-12-04-113821t.jpg wd2004-12-04-115217t.jpg wd2004-12-04-115914t.jpg
wd2004-12-04-131408t.jpg wd2004-12-04-132019t.jpg wd2004-12-04-135456t.jpg wd2004-12-04-135734t.jpg
wd2004-12-04-170723t.jpg wd2004-12-04-174506t.jpg

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Three Kitty Photo

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