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Jack's Wild land Fire Photos

One of the biggest concerns we have here in California is that of a wild land fire. If a fire starts during the late summer and fall "dry season", it can quickly become a conflagration that will consume not only forests and trees but homes and whole towns. Thus the La Honda Fire Brigade with the California Department of Forestry responds quickly and in force when a wild land fire is reported. To maintain readiness, wild land fire drills, called "controlled burns" are also conducted.

Wild land fire
Fall, 1998
Img0020t.jpg Img0057t.jpg Img0006t.jpg
Img0016t.jpg Img0045t.jpg Img0055t.jpg Img0061t.jpg
Img0063t.jpg Img0012t.jpg Img0071t.jpg The End
Controlled burn
Summer, 1999
257-15at.jpg 257-20at.jpg 257-23at.jpg
257-25at.jpg 258-22t.jpg 258-26t.jpg 258-7t.jpg
258-34t.jpg 258-4t.jpg 259-33t.jpg 259-36t.jpg
260-28t.jpg 260-5t.jpg 261-10t.jpg 261-30t.jpg
261-31t.jpg 261-34t.jpg 261-3t.jpg The End


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