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Gualala Arts Theater Photo Gallery

The Gualala Arts Center has a theater group, Gualala Arts Theater.  In June, 2005, they performed "Scrambled Shakespeare", a group of Shakespeare-related mini-plays.  The acting was great, the costumes were beautiful and much fun was had.  Jack was in the lighting booth and Jan was backstage moving props and costumes.  Below are just a few of the photos.

d2005-06-16-193658-800x600t.jpg d2005-06-16-200021-800x600t.jpg d2005-06-16-200246-800x600t.jpg d2005-06-16-204021-800x600t.jpg
d2005-06-16-204641-800x600t.jpg d2005-06-16-204707-800x600t.jpg d2005-06-16-205704-800x600t.jpg d2005-06-16-210512-800x600t.jpg
d2005-06-17-195908-800x600t.jpg d2005-06-17-200716-800x600t.jpg d2005-06-17-201157-800x600t.jpg d2005-06-17-203855-800x600t.jpg
d2005-06-17-204131-800x600t.jpg d2005-06-17-212214-800x600t.jpg

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Three Kitty Photo

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