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Blackie was the newest member of the Three Kitty Kompany.  For several months, she had spent her days on our deck, sleeping in the sun.  She spent her evenings and nights in our small dog house that was previously unoccupied.  Both the human and the kitty members of the Three Kitty Kompany Board of Directors were very happy to have her.  Before she moved into our Corporate Headquarters, she helped to defend us from invaders such as Joe (or was it Eddie or Louis) the raccoon and Mathilda (the skunk).  She also successfully defended us from an attempted corporate take-over by an outside kitty corporate raider.

Blackie passed away on January 25, 2010 of metastatic lung cancer.  Although she was with us a comparatively short time, she brought joy into our lives and love into our hearts.

Below are some pictures of Blackie. Please click on any picture to see an enlargement.

Blackie4 Image      Blackie1 Image      Blackie3 Image      Blackie in 2004      Blackie in 2006      Blackie in 2001

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