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Jack's Red Cross Air Crash Drill Photos

These photos were taken at the American Red Cross of the Bay Area operation at an air crash drill held by San Francisco International Airport in cooperation with various governmental agencies. The Red Cross was responsible for registering many of the drill volunteers as well as sheltering the simulated crash victims and providing breakfast and lunch for everyone.

P00A050004t.jpg P00A050024t.jpg P00A050011t.jpg P00A050022t.jpg
P00A050028t.jpg P00A050031t.jpg P00A050025t.jpg P00A050027t.jpg
P00A050032t.jpg P00A050035t.jpg P00A050041t.jpg P00A050043t.jpg
P00A050059t.jpg P00A050060t.jpg P00A050061t.jpg The End.


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Three Kitty Photo

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