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To view photos of
the eggs in a Plover nest hatching please click here.
  Plover Nest Hatching
To view two-day old Plover chicks, please click here.
  2 Day Old Plovers

Jack's Snowy Plover Photos

These photos were taken on Francis Beach at Half Moon Bay State Beach as part of the Plover Watch volunteer program.

Lupine above the dunes on Francis Beach.
Lupine and bumblebee above the dunes on Francis Beach.
2540-0013It is foggy and lonely this day on Francis Beach. 2540-0041Fishing is a common activity on Francis Beach.
2540-0015There sometimes are diehard beach-goers. 2540-0005Gulls on Francis Beach. There can be hundreds of them. 4045-0075Occasionally the gulls are disturbed and all rise into the air. 4045-0073After a few circuits of the beach, the gulls settle back on the sand.
Western Snowy PloverWestern Snowy Plovers are small birds - about fist-size. Western Snowy PloverPlovers run over the dunes and to and from the water's edge. 4045-0044Plovers lie still in footprints as two people approach with their dog. s167--9Male Western Snowy Plover.
Some plovers are banded for identification
257-9Female Western Snowy Plover. Plover on nestParent plover preparing to sit on nest. s175-20Parent plover sitting on nest.
An "exclosure" - a fenced area to protect a Plover nest - is built.
Building both walls and roof.
The walls are wire mesh.
2540-0012Staff and volunteers all work on the project.
2540-0039Each nest contains 3 precious eggs in a "scrape" in the sand. 2540-0023Snakes are potential predators of plover eggs. After about 28 days, the eggs hatch.
To view photos of the eggs in a Plover nest hatching, please click here.  Plover Nest Hatching
To view photos of two-day old
Western Snowy Plover chicks, please click here.  Plover Nest Hatching
Adolescent plover chick.
Plover FledgelingFledgling plover.
s173-33Horses are not allowed on the beach. Francis BeachOff-leash dogs can be a real threat to Plover chicks and adults. Francis BeachOn Memorial Day the beach is crowded. s176-30Plovers aren't the only birds on the beach.
s189-32Young terns await the return of their parents with food. s189-7Several different gulls can be found at Francis Beach. PelicanFlights of pelicans grace the sky. s178-6Pelicans then dive into the waves for fish.
SanderlingsSanderlings with their long beaks are often found with the Snowy Plovers. ShorebirdOther shore birds feed in the waves and on the beach. s176-35Surf's up!! Surfing is only one of the human activities on Francis Beach. The End


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