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Yo, dude. I'm Blackie.  Blackie Image (For more about Blackie, click on her picture.)  As one of the emeritus members of the Three Kitty Kompany, I'm the Operations Manager, the Chief Operating Officer and the Grand Poobah. (For more information about the Three Kitty Kompany, click here.) Kompany Information

Mom and Dad asked me to greet you and start you on your journey through our Website.  With me is another one of our emeritus members, Yoda. Yoda information  (For more about Yoda, click on her picture.)  Yoda is the Manager of Silliness, Comptroller of Cute and the Lesser Poobah.  If we are really lucky, Yoda won't get into any trouble while you are here.

Mom and Dad created this Website to show everyone Dad's photos and to tell some of their many stories. Their motto is:

Life is an adventure - DEAL WITH IT!

If you have followed the pointers, you know about us kitties and about the Three Kitty Kompany. Now we have to introduce you to Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad are Jan and Jack. Jan & Jack  Mom is a retired chemist. She loves to cook.  One of her professors once told her that chemists make the best cooks.  Mom always uses a recipe to cook from.
 (Unfortunately she doesn't have any recipes for fillet of finch, braised bunny or marinated mouse.)  To see some of her favorite recipes, please go to Three Kitty Kuisine.

Dad is a retired computer scientist.  As one of the people who actually did "build the Internet" in its first decades, he loves to be "on line".  (At one point back around 1980, the "control panel" for The Internet was on his desk!)  When Dad retired, he started building a high-tech model railroad.  For the first few weeks, it was in the living room under the Christmas tree.  (I hate it when Mom and Dad bring a tree into the house every winter.  Don't people know that trees are supposed to stay outdoors?)  Yoda was afraid of the trains.  (I wasn't afraid. I ignore what I don't understand.)  Mom and Dad call the trains Three Kitty Rail. I guess that means that I have another subsidiary of Three Kitty Kompany to manage.  Eventually, Mom and Dad hope to have photos and information about the railroad here, on the Website.

Mom and Dad are "professional volunteers".  Mom's past volunteer "jobs" included being a Docent Naturalist with California State Parks (at Aņo Nuevo State Reserve), working at the front desk of the Coast Community Library, fund-raising for the Gualala Arts Center and doing backstage work for the Gualala Arts Theater.  Mom even wrote a "book" for the Art Center that tells all about baking, assembling and decorating gingerbread houses.  A copy of it, in .pdf format, can be seen here.   gingerbook   Just before we moved, Mom was a volunteer manager for the Dolphin Gallery a few days a month.  The Gallery is both the retail arm of the Gualala Arts Center and also the local Visitor Information Center.

At Christmas time, Mom locks herself in her studio where she makes Christmas ornaments, jewelry and other gift items for various charities to sell at their Christmas Faires.  Instructions for constructing some of her ornaments will, hopefully, be published at Three Kitty Kreations.

Although not a volunteer job, Mom is a fiber artist.  She loves to weave.  Mom has decided that the style and techniques of the Navajo are her favorite.  Some photos of Mom's weavings can also be found at Three Kitty Kreations.  Dad uses his carpentry skills to make some of Mom's looms and her tools.  Mom loves having weaving tools that are "made with love".

Dad does a lot of photography.  Of course, we have a Three Kitty subsidiary for the photos.  Please check Three Kitty Photo for pictures of plants and gardens, animals from land and sea and more photos of us kitties.  Along with photographing fauna and flora locally and in exotic vacation locations, Dad also has done photography for many of his volunteer "jobs".  In the past, he has photographed disaster drills for the local American Red Cross chapter and drills and fund-raisers for the La Honda Fire Brigade.  He has also photographed the nesting, hatching and other activities of the Western Snowy Plover for California State Parks.  Among his more recent photos are the activities at the Gualala Arts Center, where Dad has photographed both fund raisers and productions at Gualala Arts Theater (where he set up and operated the lighting for the performances while Mom worked backstage moving furniture, actors etc.)  Our subsidiary, Three Kitty Kommunity, keeps the photos of Mom and Dad's volunteer activities.  You can see them by clicking this hyrax.  Gualala Arts Center photos

For a while, when we lived "on the coast" in Mendocino County, both Mom and Dad were part of the volunteer rescue team for The Marine Mammal Center.  They went out to the beach (I NEVER visit the beach.  It is wet, noisy and way too sunny for a black kitty.) and assessed the health of an ill or injured marine mammal (usually a Sea Lion, Harbor Seal or Elephant Seal) and sometimes, with a group of friends, they captured the animal and drove it down to the animal hospital about 100 miles south.  They would come back with very interesting smells on their clothes.  As Mom says, the marine mammals are big, mean, strong, fast, have big teeth and they smell VERY BAD.  (They are what they eat.)  To see photos of their marine mammal  patients and adventures, click here.  The Marine Mammal Center photos

Dad also served on the Board of Directors of the local ambulance group, the Coast Life Support District (CLSD).  Because we lived in an "unincorporated" part of Mendocino County, CA, there was no local government.  And because CLSD is funded by tax money, Dad said that the CLSD is the closest thing to a government that they have.  As a board member, he was even an elected official.  After over 30 years of railing against the government, now Dad admits that he WAS the government.

When we lived "on the coast" we lived a mile from the Pacific Ocean just south of the city of Point Arena (about 125 miles north of San Francisco, CA).  You can see some of Dad's Point Arena photos with a click of this hyrax.  gualala arts photos  Point Arena is the fourth largest city in Mendocino County.  (There are only 4 cities in the county.)  It is also one of the smallest cities in California.  The population of the city is around 500.  But many hundreds of people live outside the city limits in "unincorporated" areas.  Our neighborhood had about 50 houses.  I never ventured far from the door - and then only with Mom as an escort.  It isn't that I am afraid of the bear, the bobcat, the coyote, the fox, the deer, the raccoon, possum or the skunk, I just like Mom's company.  To see Dad's photos of some of our "not the" human "neighbors", click here.  Three Kitty Photo

Mom and Dad purchased the land for the Mendocino County Corporate Headquarters on in the year 2000 and spent 3 years designing our house and barn and having them built.  They spent the next 5 years doing the landscaping, building the gardens, cutting trails in the forest and generally making the land and the house into a kitty-friendly home.  When the process began, we started a new corporate subsidiary for the construction effort.  The saga of our home construction (that quickly became an epic) can be found at Three Kitty Konstruction.  Photos of all our previous Corporate locations are part of Three Kitty Konstruction and can be found by clicking this hyrax.  three kitty konstruction

Although Mom and Dad don't go away too often, they sometimes go to some very strange and interesting places.  We kitties go to "summer camp" which I know is really the local kennel.  (They can't fool me.)  While at "camp", I enjoy just hiding in my portable cave and looking out the window.  Mom and Dad always bring back some great photos and some very interesting stories.  To see the photos and read the stories of Dad and Mom's adventures, please check out our subsidiary, Jan's Travel-Rama.Jan's travelrama

Mom and Dad, being from northeastern U.S. have found a number of things that happen here, in California, to be curious and rather amusing.  I hate to admit it but we have found that, among her other questionable talents, Yoda is a story-teller.  Yoda's Tales are her way of sharing Mom and Dad's impressions of life in California.  To read Yoda's Tales, please click here.  Yoda's Tales

This Website was put together primarily for entertainment. It is meant to provide a light-hearted view of life. The photos are all real. The stories are real. The kitties of the Three Kitty Kompany are very real. We hope you have enjoyed your journey.

If you want to comment on our Website, please feel free to contact Wookie at 

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