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Yoda was litter-mate with Wookie.  Where Wookie was of Siamese lineage, Yoda was black and white.  Yoda was petite and weighed only 2/3 of what Wookie weighed.

Yoda was a bundle of energy.  She never traveled anywhere at less than a trot, most often running fast enough to create a only a blur in our vision as she passed.  Her spontaneity was a delight to behold.  As black cats are hard to see in the dark, Yoda wore a bell.  She had been called "the one with the bell".

When she was younger, Yoda never missed an opportunity to go to the driveway to watch the fire trucks pass by and if there was any construction work being done, she would supervise from the edge of the garden.  She watched television (The nature-type shows depicting life in the wild were her favorites. HONEST!!) and she would sit and watch the fish in our aquarium.

On November 3, 2009. Yoda joined Wookie, her litter-mate, brother, playmate and best friend, in the Heavy Side Layer.  Her passing extinguished a source of great joy in the world as she was a built-in, self-contained amusement center.  She was truly a kitten who never grew up.  As such, she will remain as a host of the Three Kitty Kompany Website.

Below are Yoda's pictures.  Please click on any picture to see an enlarged view.

Yoda in 1998      Yoda      Blackie3 Image      Blackie3 Image

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