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Jan & Jack's Point Arena Photos

Point Arena, CA, although an incorporated city, is really a small town.  Our home is about 5 miles outside the city limits but we enjoy being "in town".

d2005-12-06-142935t.jpgThe main street of Point Arena is about 3 blocks long. d2005-12-06-141423t.jpgThis sign gives instructions at our recycling center. d2005-12-06-141528t.jpgThe "cove" at Point Arena hosts a small fishing fleet.  In the winter, crab pots are parked with the boats. d2004-07-04-094852t.jpgOn July 4, there is always a parade.  Here some local residents prepare their personal viewing places.
d2004-07-04-095103t.jpgThe official reviewing stand is set up in the center of town. d2004-07-04-103617t.jpgPeople start gathering in front of the library. d2004-07-04-112657t.jpgd2004-07-04-112657t.jpgThe parade is rarely on time but it always starts with an honor guard. d2005-07-04-122646t.jpgThe honor guard will have flowers in their guns and will be advocating peace.
d2004-07-04-113208t.jpgBehind the honor guard will be the Grand Marshal. d2004-07-04-113211t.jpgMore Grand Marshal. d2004-07-04-113255t.jpgThe library always has costumed marchers. d2004-07-04-113305t.jpgThis year, the library group dressed as storybook characters.
d2004-07-04-113442t.jpgEveryone has fun at the parade. d2004-07-04-113525t.jpgThe parade sometimes has a float. d2004-07-04-114421t.jpgThis group of children may be one of the dance classes. d2004-07-04-114435t.jpgTwo of our local residents, Amanda Amazon and Ginger are retired performers.
d2004-07-04-114919t.jpgAmanda Amazon and Ginger d2004-07-04-114624t.jpgAnyone with an old truck participates. d2004-07-04-114641t.jpgThis car might have been around when the city was founded. d2004-07-04-114654t.jpgSome of the cars are sponsored by local businesses.  It is inexpensive advertising.
d2004-07-04-115207t.jpgWhile the parade goes on, traffic on the state highway comes to a standstill.d2004-07-04-115335t.jpgThis person walked on stilts all the way down the hill.d2005-07-04-122725t.jpgIt isn't a parade without fire trucks.d2005-07-04-122839t.jpgAnd belly dancers.
d2005-07-04-123036t.jpgThis year, music was provided by a drum bandd2005-07-04-123117t.jpgThe Golden Retriever Brigade always "marches".d2005-07-04-123319t.jpgEven spectators get into the spirit of things.d2005-07-04-123435t.jpgThis young man might be part of a bicycle group.
d2005-07-04-123738t.jpgA dance school performs traditional dances.d2005-07-04-123923t.jpgEveryone performs in front of the reviewing stand.d2005-07-04-124721t.jpgThe sidewalks are packed as spectators watch.d2005-07-04-125341t.jpgThe parade usually lasts about half an hour.  Then it is back to our lives at home.


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