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Jan & Jack's European Photos

Jack traveled to Europe several times on business.  When he went to England and to Holland, Jan went along and we did some sightseeing.  Jan did not accompany Jack to Norway.  Below are our favorite photos of Europe.

4801-0001a-800x600t.jpgStonehenge, England is more awesome in person than in photos 4801-0002a-800x600t.jpgThe stones are huge, well balanced and perfectly arranged at Stonehenge 2974-0037a-800x600t.jpgThis is the Tower of England in London, England 2974-0040a-800x600t.jpgThe Tower is set on the Thames River and has its own gate to access the Tower from a boat
2974-0038a-800x600t.jpgThe Tower Bridge over the Thames River in London, England2974-0041a-800x600t.jpgWe're not sure what building this is set on the Thames River in London, England2974-0042a-800x600t.jpgWindsor Castle in Windsor, England4801-0042a-800x600t.jpgEverywhere you look in Holland, there are canals.  This is the city of Utrecht, Netherlands
4801-00043a-800x600t.jpgJust as canals fill the landscape, steeples fill the sky in Utrecht, Netherlands 4801-0045a-800x600t.jpgMore steeples in Utrecht, Netherlands 4801-0046a-800x600t.jpgThe city of Mastricht has its share of steeples and large, stone buildings 287-006We visited Keuchenhoff, outside Amsterdam, Netherlands, at the peak of the bulb blooming season
4801-0049a-800x600t.jpgThere were flowers everywhere at Keuchenhoff outside Amsterdam, Netherlands 4801-0050a-800x600t.jpgThe gardens were a riot of different color, size and shape flowers at Keuchenhoff outside Amsterdam, Netherlands 4801-0051a-800x600t.jpgTulips were in abundance at Keuchenhoff outside Amsterdam, Netherlands 4801-0059a-800x600t.jpgMore tulips at Keuchenhoff outside Amsterdam, Netherlands
4801-0048a-800x600t.jpgStill more tulips at Keuchenhoff outside Amsterdam, Netherlands 4801-0058a-800x600t.jpgThere were fields and fields of color at Keuchenhoff, outside Amsterdam, Netherlands, there were flowers 4801-0056a-800x600t.jpgEverywhere you looked at Keuchenhoff, outside Amsterdam, Netherlands, there were flowers 4801-0061a-800x600t.jpgAmsterdam, Netherlands is truly a city of canals
4801-0062a-800x600t.jpgEach canal is unique and picturesque in Amsterdam, Netherlands 4801-0053a-800x600t.jpgA windmill "retirement facility" is maintained at Zaanse Schans, Netherlands 4801-0110a-800x600t.jpgOslo, Norway 4801-0111a-800x600t.jpgOslo, Norway
4801-0109a-800x600t.jpgOslo, Norway


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