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We also have favorite photos of Bermuda, Nova Scotia, Nantucket Island, MA, Woodstock, VT, Boston and Cambridge, MA and Washington, DC.

2974-0028a-800x600t.jpgContrary to popular belief, Bermuda isn't in the Caribbean.  It is an island off the shore of North Carolina, several hundred miles east of the US 2974-0025a-800x600t.jpgBlack Watch Pass on Bermuda 2974-0029a-800x600t.jpgMangrove Bay on Bermuda 2974-0030a-800x600t.jpgMangrove Bay on Bermuda
2974-0070a-800x600t.jpgTobacco Bay on the north end of Bermuda 2974-0071a-800x600t.jpgIn 1973, this was the world's smallest draw bridge, just large enough for the mast of a sail boat 4801-0005a-800x600t.jpgFishing is an important industry in Nova Scotia, Canada 4801-0006a-800x600t.jpgThe end of the summer brought the last of the wildflowers in Nova Scotia, Canada
0428-0104a-800x600t.jpgWe also canoed across a lake that was only a few feet deep in Kejimkujik National Park in Nova Scotia, Canada 4801-0088a-800x600t.jpgSunset over a beach in Nova Scotia, Canada 0428-0101a-800x600t.jpgWe couldn't resist several sunset photos.  While we were there, the sunsets were glorious in Nova Scotia, Canada 0428-0102a-800x600t.jpgYet another red sunset in Nova Scotia, Canada
2974-0059a-800x600t.jpgThe harbor at Nantucket, Massachusetts 2974-0048a-800x600t.jpgNot to be outdone, Nantucket, MA has some outstanding sunsets over the surf 2974-0044a-800x600t.jpgThis hill was named "Suicide Six".  It is in Woodstock, VT right behind the Talbot House where we stayed 0428-0099a-800x600t.jpgIt was dark when we arrived so when we opened the blinds in the morning, we were greeted with the colors of Fall
0428-0096a-800x600t.jpgLooking over the Charles River to Boston's first skyscraper, the Prudential Center in Boston, Massachusetts 0428-0095a-800x600t.jpgThe "Great Dome" at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts 0428-0098a-800x600t.jpgMIT is our alma mater so we couldn't resist another photo 4801-0106a-800x600t.jpgNo trip to Washington, DC is complete without photos of the buildings.  Here is the Washington Monument
4801-0107a-800x600t.jpgThe White House in Washington, DC
4801-0108a-800x600t.jpgJan's personal favorite is the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC


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