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To view photos of Jack & Jan's garden flower photos, please click here.
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Jack & Jan's Wildflower Photos

This is a compilation of wildflower photos taken at home and on our adventures.  We have tried to identify them whenever possible.  We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any identification.

273-13at.jpgEarly spring is the time for the Common Camas to bloom in our meadow. 2540-0002at.jpgA Bumble Bee polinates this yellow beach lupine in Half Moon Bay, CA. 4361-0001at.jpg 4361-0002at.jpgThis orchid grew in a boggy area in Massachusetts.
4361-0068at.jpgWe grew up calling this "Queen Anne's Lace". 4810-0004at.jpgIndian Pipe is a relatively rare saprophyte. 4810-0056t.jpgSometimes wild strawberries take root in trees. 4810-0059t.jpgWe think these yellow flowers are Cowslips.
4810-0060t.jpgJack-in-the-Pulpit.4810-0061t.jpgViolets need no introduction.4810-0062t.jpg4810-0063t.jpg
4810-0064t.jpg4810-0064t.jpgThis Cardinal Flower is a native Lobelia. d2004-04-23-091112t.jpgRhododendron californicum d2004-04-26-075858at.jpgGiant rhodendron bushes grace our home in Point Arena, CA. d2005-06-28-181132t.jpgRein Orchids bloom in mid-summer.
d2006-05-27-105727t.jpgThese might be saprophytic Ghost Plants. d2006-05-27-105849t.jpgHere the Ghost Plant flowers are open. d2007-06-24-184148t.jpgCoast Lily. d2008-03-16-100939at.jpgClose-up and personal with the fragrant Bear Grass flower.
p015170036t.jpgPlants grow in the boardwalk at Aņo Nuevo State Reserve.p015170041t.jpgPlants also grow in pure sand at Aņo Nuevo State Reserve.p015240003t.jpgThis native iris is Golden-Eyed Grass.p015240006t.jpgp015240006t.jpgCoast Lilies can have single flowers.
p015240009t.jpgIn Northern California, Douglas Iris are abundant. p015240051t.jpgMore Douglas Iris. p015240071t.jpgThis wildflower grows in our meadow. p015240084t.jpgThis is the Common Camas
p016120029t.jpgWestern Azaleap016120040t.jpgp016120040t.jpgThis flower is in our meadow at mid-summer.p016120043t.jpgp016120043t.jpgThis might be a Pink Star Tulip.  We really don't know.p016120046t.jpgOur third native iris is the Blue-Eyed Grass.
p018070092at.jpgHooded Ladies' Tresses is a native orchid that flowers in late-Summer. p019070069t.jpgThis close-up is of a Fringed Corn Lily. p019190094t.jpgThis might be a Prunella p024070005t.jpgNative trillium graced our gardens in La Honda, CA
p024100028t.jpgWe had both white and red trilliums in our gardens in La Honda, CA. p024100030t.jpg w033060067t.jpgIndian Warrior are the first flowers of the season, often blossoming in January. d2008-09-01-135210at.jpgWe think this is a Rattle-Snake Plantain, yet another native orchid.
For a few years, we were keeping a log of when we saw various wildflower blossoms at our home in Point Arena, CA.  It is not all-inclusive nor is it exact as we weren't able to check often.  To see this "log", click here  Wildflower log

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