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More Africa 2001 Photos

For anyone who just cannot gt enough safari photos, we are pleased to offer yet another page of thumbnail photos that are linked to enlargements.  We hope you enjoy them.

Tarangire National Park
Elephant herd Tarangire is known for its elephant herds.  Each herd has several baby elephants.
Baby elephantWe came across two leopard cubs waiting for their mother's return.  When mom came back, the cubs climbed down and joined her in the tall grass.Leopard cubs
Leopard cubs Vervet monkeys We watched as two groups of Vervet monkeys disputed something.  There were huddles and charges and rest periods.
Vervet monkeys Vervet monkeys
Ngorongoro Conservation AreaTawny eagleA Tawny Eagle greeted us one morning in the Ngorongoro Crater.
Flamingo Flocks of flamingo are often seen in the Crater's lakes. Crowned cranes
And flocks of Crowned Cranes are found in the grassy areas. Lions resting in the shade In the heat of the day, these lions found shade beside a safari vehicle.
The baboons conserved energy by grooming or just sitting on a log.BaboonsBaboons
Ngorongoro CraterThe view of the Crater floor is extraordinary.
Serengeti National ParkWildebeest calfWildebeest calves were numerous.  Many had been separated from their mothers and were standing alone crying.
Dust devil at water holeWe traveled one day to the only water hole for miles.  There were thousands of animals.  The wind caused dust devils in the poor soil.Hippopotamus
The hippos are too large to use the water holes.  They need to stay at the lakes and streams.  The herons will find water wherever they can.HeronCheetah
This cheetah was very old but she looked well fed so she must still be a good hunter.  She is nearing the end of her life.CheetahSerengeti campsite
Our campsite in the Serengeti National Park was in a grassy area overlooking a valley.  Our lunch one day was prepared "in the bush" by the chef who brought the kitchen and dining room to us.Bush lunchOne morning we went out early and had a picnic breakfast.  We were joined by a group of young lions.
LionsThey grabbed our napkins and the picnic basket and proceeded to play with them as a kitten would with a new toy.Lion


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