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Two-Day Old Snowy Plover Chicks

On May 27, 2002, amid hundreds of beach-go-ers, two day-old Western Snowy Plover chicks ran around on the beach, escorted by their father. These photos were taken on Francis Beach at Half Moon Bay State Beach as part of the Plover Watch volunteer program.


Plover and chickParent plover with one of his chicks. s168--37Plover chicks begin self-feeding within hours of hatching. Plover chickPlover chick only 2 days old.
Plover chickThe chicks look like golf balls on stilts Plover with chickPlover parent with new chick Plover chickClose-up of a plover chick only 2 days old
Plover chickWestern Snowy Plover chick. Plover chickThe chicks are difficult to find and more difficult to photograph as they rarely stand still. Plover and chickFather and chick plovers stay together for a month
Plover and chickFather plover with 2 of his 3 chicks. Plover chickWestern Snowy Plover chick - 2 days old. Three Plover ChicksThree chicks together for a moment.
Parent with three chicksParent plover with three chicks - always in motion parent and two chicksFather plover keeps watch as chicks feed. Editor's Note: After about a month, only one of these three chicks survived to fledge.


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