Part 6, Oct. 4, 2008


The medical battle rages on (and on and on - and on some more).  The pathology report FINALLY came back and it showed that Jan's cancer had spread into one lymph node.  (Bad lymph node!!  Bad, bad lymph node!!)  The good news, however, is that it showed no cancer cells floating around in the liquids in her abdomen.

So what does this mean?  None of us really has a clue at this point.  Jan saw a "radiation oncologist" this week who outlined a treatment with radiation.  Two days later he called and told her that he was referring her to a "medical oncologist" to add some chemotherapy to the treatment mix and that the radiation would be changed (both in extent and when it would be done).  So now we wait until Jan can see the "medical oncologist" next Thursday.

At least Princess Yoda and Commander Blackie know the difference between strategy and tactics.  We are trying to deal with a constantly moving target with a constantly changing strategy, tactics are therefore becoming extremely flexible and convoluted.  (How about that for a political reference?)  Nothing can start, however, for at least another 2 weeks until the gynecologist says Jan is sufficiently healed from the surgery.

Commander Blackie and Princess Yoda report that Jan is completely functional both as THE LAP and as THE SEDAN CHAIR.  Jan still retreats periodically during the day to the sofa for some television time (Princess Yoda really likes that.) although Jan no longer has "nap attacks" (Commander Blackie doesn't like that.  She really liked nap time.)  Jan is weaving at her Navajo loom and working on a major revision of the Three Kitty Website.  She is also walking about half a mile every few days.

Jack is still cooking, doing laundry and all the household things that Jan has done for 35 years.  He is also investigating getting an apartment in Santa Rosa for the duration of the medical battles so Jan can set up a "front-line" headquarters and doesn't have to commute as often.  There will probably be a laptop computer in Jan's future so press releases can be sent from wherever the battle front-du-jour happens to be.

Princess Yoda noticed Friday evening that it was wet outside.  We have had over an inch of rain.  Princess Yoda has told us that she refuses to go out until Amazon ships the little pink rubber boots that she ordered.  Commander Blackie, however, is content to use the black boots that God gave her.  With the rains, our mushroom crop will be appearing soon.  (Conventional wisdom is that the Boletus mushrooms come up with the first full moon after the first rains.  We're estimating the mushrooms will be ready in about 2 weeks.)  With the mushrooms, will come an army of mushroom "rustlers", "poachers" and trespassers from as far away as San Francisco who believe that because this is a rural area that the land is somehow public.  (Last year one young woman told that she had "the right" to come and pick mushrooms here.)

The sun has come out between showers and Commander Blackie would like take Jan out to the end of the sidewalk for a reconnaissance mission.  Princess Yoda will do her mission solo (more privacy for the outdoor litter box).

Until next time, your Three Kitty (War) Korrespondents, Blackie, Yoda, Company Clerk, Cook and Bottlewasher Jack, and

J -

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